Spinning Wheels…

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Well…the wheels are spinning but we don’t seem to be moving?!?!?  I’m sure I’m  not the only person who has ever had that feeling.  Ever wonder if you’re doing the right thing, taking the right actions, asking the right questions, blah, blah, blah, etc…?  I sure do and I think I do it more than any person should if they intend on maintaining their sanity for any distict amount of time!

No one wants to fail; we all want to succeed in one way or another.  As for me, I want to succeed at work, being a divorced father with a young son, a manager of two non-profit organizations with great, honorable mission, and succeed at being happy with myself.  Some people want to succeed at, well, getting away with doing as little as possible but that’s still a goal right?

Today is just one of those days where I feel I have put a lot of effort into aspects of my work that are paying no dividends.  I worry sometimes that I’m not addressing the issues at hand in the correct manner.  In all reality, I may be addressing them in the correct manner but the time just hasn’t hit when the effort is meant to pay off.  I have a feeling it will soon though..I just know it. 

As for me, I just keep driving on and doing what I think is right.  Time spent worrying about what others think is wasted time.  Guess what Soldiers…someone will let you know if you’re messing up big time!   It’s pretty difficult to walk into an office one day and and get fired out of the blue! That’s not how it happens…you will have been counseled, hopefully given some constructive guidance and an opportunity to make a positive change and excel.  And if you haven’t you probably don’t want to be with such an unprofessional organization anyway!  Anyone ever seen office space?  If you keep walking in and the guy that talks to the guy that talks to the guy that talks to the clients is being questioned AND your red Swingline stapler is missing it might be time to start worrying!

For now, the wheel might feel like they’re spinning and you aren’t going anywhere but just give it some time and they’ll catch traction!  If not, look at how you’re approaching issues and never be too proud to ask for advice if you just don’t know what to do.  You can ask peers, bosses, and others in your organization and they might  have a good idea or two for y0u!

Kepp up the good work on this fine Tuesday!  You’ve done well today and you’lll do even better tomorrow!  Just some radom thoughts because I felt like I was spinning my wheels for a bit…I think they’ve caught some traction!



Give It a Shot!

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“If you aren’t making any mistakes, it’s a sure sign you’re playing it too safe.” Trying something different, or a unique approach, might not always lead to a desired outcome…but how would you know if you never gave it a shot?


Bringing Free Help

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Ok, so Operation Welcome Home is up and running in Morgantown, WV. The program offers a number of services to include free counsel, guidance, referrals, points of contact and what most younger Veterans are looking for…employment!

No questions asked up front except the usual background check, etc…and a little way down the road, proof of service in any of our Armed Forces. Of course we have our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/welcomehomewv and a website at www.veteransoncall.com where Veterans can find out all about our services and local community members can request services (usually yard-work though more is offered) to support their Morgantown Veterans. So, why is it that many Veterans don’t want this employment even on a transitional basis as they wait for or search for their dream job or schooling?

I have a strange feeling that there is a lack of counseling regarding financial management before these young men and women leave the service. Military compensation is great, and the money earned while deployed is good and well-deserved but it doesn’t last forever.

Money runs out and bills accumulate. Families need to be able to eat and can’t count on subsistence allowance or housing allowance when the service member leaves the Armed Forces.

I guess I’m just writing to encourage Veterans to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves…you can always move on to bigger and better things as they arise.

I want the best for you, you deserve it! It takes work on both ends though…if you’re sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring with someone on the other end offering you the job of a lifetime it’s likely not going to happen. It could, but probably won’t. Let those who are try to help you do just that!


Feet on the Ground

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~ Theodore Roosevelt

Just a simple quote with a great meaning. I personally interpret this to mean “dream big” but don’t disregard the reality of life!

I try to keep my eyes on the stars…what great things I have, can, want to and dream to accomplish. Two categories of the above come to mind; a) great things I want to do for myself and things I’d like to experience, and b) leaving a positive footprint or making a good difference during my life.

Well, I honestly feel that the creation of the most wonderful young man, my own son, has already left a positive imprint and influence in our wonderful world but I know deep down that there is more I can and will contribute…really! Each day I get up and work with fellow Veterans for a local non-profit agency and try to get them moving in a positive direction, to motivate them, to give them the confidence that they need because they are capable of greatness (not to say they aren’t already great on numerous level) but they need to hear it from someone else…we all do!

The list of things I’d love to do, have, experience are to a degree selfish…I know that. I want to go here, I want to have this, I want more money, etc…Hey, I’m just being honest and I think that most people would be fooling themselves if they said they weren’t a bit selfish at times as well. But, I have to “keep my feet on the ground” and realize I have obligations which include a family, children, the community, bills, etc…

Sometimes I have remind myself of the thought behind this simple quote from a great man. After all, we wouldn’t still be reading and thinking about it today if its meaning was not timeless! Right!

– until next time!



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We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival!</

Winston Churchill shared these great words as a way to inspire great Americans during the midst of attack! To me, we don't have to literally be "under attack" to be inspired to live a good life and "survive" the trials and tribulations that may come our way.

Suffering is sometimes cast upon us and we have the choice to either accept being miserable in our existence or inspire ourselves, or look for inspiration from others, to overcome our troubles. Happiness, for me at least, is my ultimate goal. Ultimate meaning overall, understanding that each day isn't going to be filled with peaches and cream or those awesome red, white and blue "rocket popsicles!" I suggest trying to figure out what it is that is making you "suffer" and make a personal goal to cut it off at the roots! As long as you are not doing so at the expense of another…regardless of what you may think, other people cannot be your problem unless you allow them to be!

Resolve, today, to overcome what you feel that you are suffering that can be your own "means of inspiration and survival" and do it! You can and will be victorious! And never be too ashamed, embarrassed or proud to ask for help!

That's what was on my mind at the moment so I thought I'd share! Maybe writing these blogs which may seem useless to others may be my own means of inspiration!

'Till next time..LATA!

DMV – Battle is On!

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So…the DMV closed about an hour ago and I, once again, left the building without a WV driver’s license. The only positive in this grind is the fact that Military ID holders have a fairly long “grace” period so I’m okay (AKA “legal”) for a while!

The above mentioned fact is not my point though. The point is that it should not be this difficult to transfer a driver’s license from State to State! I’ve been driving well over half of my life, have no criminal record, DUIs, or anything along those lines. For all intents and purposes I am what most would consider an “upstanding citizen!” I served honorably as an Officer in the Army, was injured and medically boarded out, and continue to serve Veterans of the Armed Forces as the manager of two non-profit organizations helping them reintegrate into civilian life on various levels, seriously…look for yourself www.veteransoncall.com and Operation Welcome Home or even Veterans On Call. All I’m asking for is a WV drivers license! WITHOUT IT, THEY WILL NOT LET ME VOTE IN ELECTIONS AND I FIRMLY BELIEVE IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO DO SO!!! Some might argue otherwise, but this guy knows every vote counts! If I don’t get to vote I have no right but to just keep my mouth shut and the simple fact that I am even posting this shows I don’t like to keep my thoughts to myself (except when appropriate 😉

I had to stop myself when the citizen in front of me needed interpreters as she couldn’t speak English because she, in turn, left with a permit which was her intent. But that’s what we’re about…equality. Further, she probably put in extra time to learn the laws of driving as she had to take the written portion without intervention. So, maybe I should have congratulated that woman!

Anyway, I called back to VA DMV (AGAIN) and they were about as much help as a football bat! At least the VA DMV is open on Saturdays so maybe I can get this resolved with a phone and a fax?!?! We’ll see I guess!



DMV – Really?

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Ok, so here I am sitting at the DMV for the 5th, yup 5th, time! All I am trying to accomplish is a transfer of a VA license to a WV license…easy right? No! Not so much.

You have to have informed the VA DMV of your move, prove (3 times BTW) that your vehicle has actually been properly insured in WV…which mine has for about 1.5 years.

My point here is that I understand that many people come unprepared with the proper documentation, etc…but I have, all but the second visit I forgot a document (which they scanned the first time I was here). So, give the folks trying to do the right thing a little break every once in a while! That being said, I think my US Army ID card and honorable service should suffice…I’m not a daggon felon or something! I’ve helped make it possible for most of these people to drive without fear of an IED on our US roadsides!

That’s all! Hope u have a stellar weekend!

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