This one has been on my mind a lot during this past weekend. Where do my priorities lay vice where they should? Am I on track with my priorities and focal points based on where I want to be or headed? That’s a major driving force in what I do on a daily basis. Sure, my profession pays me enough for what I do and coupled with my military pension, dollars aren’t a major issue. Here is the major issue…Happiness! I need to engage in healthly activities that bring me joy but not be selfish about them.

Here’s an example. I love to run…but I can’t take 2 hours every evening away from my family to go run. Because I have just over-indugled in self-pleasure without regard to the familiy at home who may be waiting to play a board game, a computer game, draw some pictures, go to the pool, etc…that’s not exactly fair. And ultimately, it makes me unhappy to make others unhappy or disappointed that they counted on “Dad” to spend this much needed quality time but Dad wanted to go run!

Maybe writing down a list or making a daily schedule is the answer…work is easy, I know what needs to be done and I do it…plain and simple! My Remote control helicopters, SCUBA diving, computer-making, running, drawing alone, and all that stuff is the difficult part of life…BALANCE!!! Kind of odd as one might think the opposite would be true!

‘Till next time….I’m out!