So…the DMV closed about an hour ago and I, once again, left the building without a WV driver’s license. The only positive in this grind is the fact that Military ID holders have a fairly long “grace” period so I’m okay (AKA “legal”) for a while!

The above mentioned fact is not my point though. The point is that it should not be this difficult to transfer a driver’s license from State to State! I’ve been driving well over half of my life, have no criminal record, DUIs, or anything along those lines. For all intents and purposes I am what most would consider an “upstanding citizen!” I served honorably as an Officer in the Army, was injured and medically boarded out, and continue to serve Veterans of the Armed Forces as the manager of two non-profit organizations helping them reintegrate into civilian life on various levels, seriously…look for yourself and Operation Welcome Home or even Veterans On Call. All I’m asking for is a WV drivers license! WITHOUT IT, THEY WILL NOT LET ME VOTE IN ELECTIONS AND I FIRMLY BELIEVE IT IS OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO DO SO!!! Some might argue otherwise, but this guy knows every vote counts! If I don’t get to vote I have no right but to just keep my mouth shut and the simple fact that I am even posting this shows I don’t like to keep my thoughts to myself (except when appropriate 😉

I had to stop myself when the citizen in front of me needed interpreters as she couldn’t speak English because she, in turn, left with a permit which was her intent. But that’s what we’re about…equality. Further, she probably put in extra time to learn the laws of driving as she had to take the written portion without intervention. So, maybe I should have congratulated that woman!

Anyway, I called back to VA DMV (AGAIN) and they were about as much help as a football bat! At least the VA DMV is open on Saturdays so maybe I can get this resolved with a phone and a fax?!?! We’ll see I guess!