Ok, so here I am sitting at the DMV for the 5th, yup 5th, time! All I am trying to accomplish is a transfer of a VA license to a WV license…easy right? No! Not so much.

You have to have informed the VA DMV of your move, prove (3 times BTW) that your vehicle has actually been properly insured in WV…which mine has for about 1.5 years.

My point here is that I understand that many people come unprepared with the proper documentation, etc…but I have, all but the second visit I forgot a document (which they scanned the first time I was here). So, give the folks trying to do the right thing a little break every once in a while! That being said, I think my US Army ID card and honorable service should suffice…I’m not a daggon felon or something! I’ve helped make it possible for most of these people to drive without fear of an IED on our US roadsides!

That’s all! Hope u have a stellar weekend!