~ Theodore Roosevelt

Just a simple quote with a great meaning. I personally interpret this to mean “dream big” but don’t disregard the reality of life!

I try to keep my eyes on the stars…what great things I have, can, want to and dream to accomplish. Two categories of the above come to mind; a) great things I want to do for myself and things I’d like to experience, and b) leaving a positive footprint or making a good difference during my life.

Well, I honestly feel that the creation of the most wonderful young man, my own son, has already left a positive imprint and influence in our wonderful world but I know deep down that there is more I can and will contribute…really! Each day I get up and work with fellow Veterans for a local non-profit agency and try to get them moving in a positive direction, to motivate them, to give them the confidence that they need because they are capable of greatness (not to say they aren’t already great on numerous level) but they need to hear it from someone else…we all do!

The list of things I’d love to do, have, experience are to a degree selfish…I know that. I want to go here, I want to have this, I want more money, etc…Hey, I’m just being honest and I think that most people would be fooling themselves if they said they weren’t a bit selfish at times as well. But, I have to “keep my feet on the ground” and realize I have obligations which include a family, children, the community, bills, etc…

Sometimes I have remind myself of the thought behind this simple quote from a great man. After all, we wouldn’t still be reading and thinking about it today if its meaning was not timeless! Right!

– until next time!