Well…the wheels are spinning but we don’t seem to be moving?!?!?  I’m sure I’m  not the only person who has ever had that feeling.  Ever wonder if you’re doing the right thing, taking the right actions, asking the right questions, blah, blah, blah, etc…?  I sure do and I think I do it more than any person should if they intend on maintaining their sanity for any distict amount of time!

No one wants to fail; we all want to succeed in one way or another.  As for me, I want to succeed at work, being a divorced father with a young son, a manager of two non-profit organizations with great, honorable mission, and succeed at being happy with myself.  Some people want to succeed at, well, getting away with doing as little as possible but that’s still a goal right?

Today is just one of those days where I feel I have put a lot of effort into aspects of my work that are paying no dividends.  I worry sometimes that I’m not addressing the issues at hand in the correct manner.  In all reality, I may be addressing them in the correct manner but the time just hasn’t hit when the effort is meant to pay off.  I have a feeling it will soon though..I just know it. 

As for me, I just keep driving on and doing what I think is right.  Time spent worrying about what others think is wasted time.  Guess what Soldiers…someone will let you know if you’re messing up big time!   It’s pretty difficult to walk into an office one day and and get fired out of the blue! That’s not how it happens…you will have been counseled, hopefully given some constructive guidance and an opportunity to make a positive change and excel.  And if you haven’t you probably don’t want to be with such an unprofessional organization anyway!  Anyone ever seen office space?  If you keep walking in and the guy that talks to the guy that talks to the guy that talks to the clients is being questioned AND your red Swingline stapler is missing it might be time to start worrying!

For now, the wheel might feel like they’re spinning and you aren’t going anywhere but just give it some time and they’ll catch traction!  If not, look at how you’re approaching issues and never be too proud to ask for advice if you just don’t know what to do.  You can ask peers, bosses, and others in your organization and they might  have a good idea or two for y0u!

Kepp up the good work on this fine Tuesday!  You’ve done well today and you’lll do even better tomorrow!  Just some radom thoughts because I felt like I was spinning my wheels for a bit…I think they’ve caught some traction!