Pinterest! My personal thought, it’s great fun though I haven’t quite figured out the business benefit to the site and guess what…I’m not too interested in that aspect!

I love this Social Media site and have become a bit of a “Pinaddict” and not ashamed to admit it. I would gladly sit around a table, raise my hand and say “My name is Brett and I’m a Pinning Addict.”

I thoroughly enjoy looking at what inspires others, their interests, and have found some motivation to incorporate into my own hobbies and interests. Isn’t that the point? I have say that I also like sharing some of my own stuff with friends and followers to get feedback and even show off a little. I have noticed, however, that I have to judge on what people think about my personal pins based on how many likes or repins they give as very few folks take the time to give writing feedback or say what the think. I try and leave comments but sometimes am guilty of not writing feedback either…so I can’t judge nor is it my place. Additionally, it’s often difficult writing depending on what type of device you’re accessing the site from.

The option to search for things based on topics or even keywords is great. I always find great material even if its just a great photo of something that I was thinking about at that point in time. Some of my favorites are others’ art work, photos of animals and motivations posters that they have found elsewhere on the web and shared with Pinterest.

So, the question is why not just google for this type if information? This is a question my wife argues with me about all the time. My thought is that if you are looking for recipes, etc…then that might be the way to go (unless you find a pic of grub with a linked URL beneath it; this is where the business part of Pinterest would fit in). Or if you you want to sort through tons of images on Google to find the perfect one for your needs. BUT, users of Pinterest have pretty much weeded out all the “junk” for you so the quality of the content on the site is better…in my own opinion.

That’s why for me…I just don’t google everything. I don’t want to sort through sites simply to find uninspiring inspiration or spend time sorting through everything. I guess it all depends on what you’re doing and what your intentions are. I do it for fun and leave it at that.

Will it last? Yeah, I think it will…people are always going to want to see cool stuff and not have to “like” a page or ask to “friend” someone to see some cool content.

These are just some of my thoughts…I could go on and on all day and night about it. In the meantime, check out some boards, check me at and see what you think. I have a feeling you’ll dig it!

Until next time…I’m out!