“If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.” – Chuck Palahniuk

What do you want? That’s the question that resonates in my mind when I read the quotation I ran across above. The answer for me was simple…I want to be happy serving Veterans (as I am a Veteran) and make their transition from the regimented Military life to the civilian workforce less difficult for them than it was for me. At the same time I want do so in a manner that will allow me to support myself and that’s quite a challenge especially in the non-profit arena where I currently Serve.

So while the answer to the question that arose seemed rather simple, the method or approach to my desires is not quite as easy. I love my current work and will not leave unless asked to do so by my employer but think I can do even more, perhaps on the side, in an entrepreneurial status.

Yes, I have unique ideas that would be ridiculous to divulge in a public venue such as this but that will require extra time, perhaps a bit of my own finances to get started but of probably even more importance, time away or “removed” (at least mentally) from my family. So, that’s clearly a lot to weigh out and there is no set scale to do so.

I think each individual has to place a level of importance on each aspect of their own lives before making a plunge and “Delving into the Unknown” because, lets face it making major changes and embarking on a new venture is definitely diving into unknown waters!

Sometimes you need to take risks to accomplish and get what you want, otherwise you might, just might, “end up with a whole lot of what you don’t!”

Until next time…PEACE!