Truth Be With You!

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“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.” – Henry David Thoreau

What a great way to live and be able to look at yourself in the mirror each day knowing that you have nothing to hide, be ashamed of or lie about throughout your daily encounters or endeavors. The quote above seems so simple yet there are so many that find being true along these lines a struggle.  My thought is that if you can simply abide by the “law” of truth, especially to yourself, you can rest easily knowing that you are on the right path.

Being true to your work is difficult to a degree in that many people are out to find financial gain rather than doing work they truly believe in or feel drawn to doing.  Often times, finding that great paying job is done so at the expense of another.  Honing in on that young Soldier outside a military base with pay-day loans so they can come in and get money to pay their bills without fully understanding that they are going to be charged 45% interest on whatever they are given.  I, for one, couldn’t feel good about that regardless of how much money the job, or lie, is putting in my pocket. The great thing is no one has to do that…it’s a choice! You can choose do something you love and you can make a living by following your passion.  It might not be easy, but it can be done and we can all make it happen.  As I like to say, “You can take others along for the ride with you!” And that can make all the difference in the world.

Additionally, your word is your bond.  Once you compromise that, it’s very hard to regain faith and confidence in those deceived. I learned this at a young age, as most of us do, through little untruths to my parents…nothing devastating but it just showed me that once I told them something that wasn’t the COMPLETE truth, it was just as bad as not telling the truth at all.  Being true to your word is almost, if not, the most important thing I can do in life. I can’t work, have relationships, be trusted, or even left alone to accomplish a small task if people don’t have faith that I am going to do what I say I will.  I admit that I have inadvertently slipped here and there by perhaps missing a meeting or something along those lines but it was definitely not with mal intent and I was honest about my reason…if I over slept, I said so, if I forgot, I said so, etc….It’s not always what people wanted to hear but it was the truth and though it may have been uncomfortable to come clean, I knew I had to so that’s exactly what I did!

Friends…I make sure I choose my friends wisely and if their values aren’t aligned with mine that doesn’t mean we can’t talk, it just means they might not be the best choice for me to spend too much time with of put too much into what they have to say.  “Friend” is a term used very loosely…I have my Facebook friends whom I may or may not have ever been very close with but like(d) and am interested in seeing what is going on with them from time to time and then I have the other extreme where I can count on them to drop whatever it is they are doing and come to help out if I just say the word, and the same goes for them.  Friends are a gift, a true gift, and should always be treated as such.

I know this is a bit lengthy but I ran across this quote today (as I’m a quote guy in case you can’t tell) and it really spoke to me.  You may have a different outlook on the words of Henry D. Thoreau which is great.  My hope is that that you got as much out of this short sentence as I did and that you have a blessed day!

Be True!

~ Brett




What are YOU Proving?


“A witty saying proves nothing.” – Voltaire

Indeed it doesn’t! There are plenty of smart people who have accomplished or dare to accomplish nothing in life worth value. Maybe a witty saying makes someone feel great about themselves, their company, or seem intelligent.

Personally, I’d rather be surrounded by people who may not be able to say anything at all but can, and do, make positive changes in their life, the lives of others or their surrounds on a regular basis!

Again, “Don’t talk about it, be about it!”




Sixty Lost Seconds!?!

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“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lately, there have been a couple of instances where I have felt like I was starting to get angry, almost that if I were to let the situation continue my blood was going to boil. I had to step back (in my own mind) and realize that is not the kind of feeling I want to have and I don’t have to let myself get upset. The key, for me at least, is knowing that it is only myself “ALLOWING” this feeling to consume me.

When I just “step back” and realize that if I just take action to toward making something positive out of what is transpiring in my life, or in my dealings with others I ultimately feel great and that I can thrive from that feeling and continue moving forward, more motivated, make good changes and be more optimistic in general.

If I can help the others involved, and those perhaps feeling the same negative emotions, feel better and look at the situation at hand from a different perspective then that’s all the better! As a group, or team of people making light out of dark situations we can do great things. However, if others can’t accept that truth and want to continue being miserable (because they are allowing themselves to be) then that’s what they’ll have to do…and I’ll talk to them later if they want ;-)!

The bottom line is that anger in my life is manifested by me and no one else. I have to accept that fact. Once I accept that, I can further make an obligation to myself to not let it happen. Sure, something is bound to trigger a little anger in my life every now and then but I have to be cognizant of that and turn it around 180 degrees ASAP and use it to motivate me to do better, be bigger, and enrich my life rather than deteriorate it!

I love running across quotes that fit perfectly into my own thoughts at that point in time, it’s truly no coincidence!

I wish you a great and anger-free day, friends!
~ Brett


Dreaming…the Free Gift!

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“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis

Nope, you’re never too old to do just about anything. Even as I approach what is seemingly the young age of 36, I have have many times had reservations of beginning something new. Perhaps out of fear of failure or not knowing what it will be like to move out of my current “comfort zone.”

Recent news regarding potential changes in my own professional career have me doing a lot of thinking, wondering, guessing, and even worse, worrying about what might transpire regarding my future. When I sat back and continued to worry I remembered the advice I had always given to others but failed to incorporate into my own life…worrying is not going to change the end result, action is what is going to, and will, change things. I have wealth in ability, gifts, talents, loved ones, family and friends that will always have my back and ensure that I will never stray from the path to success. My belief is that WE ALL have these gifts and have to remember this truth at all times, especially when we think times are in turmoil or have the potential to get rough.

Keep faith in yourself and in those around you and know that you will not ever fail to accomplish your goal or dream as long as you believe and take personal responsibility and action in your life. Never sell yourself short or discount the greatness and untapped potential that lays within you.

Today, and everyday, I have faith that we are all destined to create greatness in ourselves and in the lives of others! We’re not too old!



Be Courageous!

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“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela.

Fear is natural in so many circumstances but we all have to embrace the reality that we will both feel and overcome it. Fear, if we can look at it in this perspective, is a disguised blessing.

It gives us the opportunity to face something we would otherwise try and avoid, become triumphant and feel a great deal of healthy pride in having done so. Next time, that situation arises, we can be confident and face it with a strong heart, mind, and soul!

Be fearless and full of courage in all your trials or when faced with adversity!

Be Faithful,
~ Brett


Don’t Talk About It!

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Most of us have heard the saying “Don’t talk about it, be about it!” That’s precisely what we’re talking about here! How are you ever going to get anything accomplished if you spend the majority of you time talking about what you’re going to do instead of just getting up and doing it?

The worst part about talking too much about what you’d like to accomplish (unless you’re seeking legitimate advice) rather than just giving it a shot is that you can start leading to self-defeating thoughts or an “I can’t do it attitude.” Who needs that? We already have enough outside forces that often hinder even our greatest goals or intentions and manifesting just more can’t help at all.

What we have is the ability to “do” and do whatever it takes to reach our positive end-state, accomplish our dreams, reach our goals and help others do the same. I have a serious suspicion that we will all achieve goals higher than we had ever intended and be able to help others do the same!

I’m excited for all of us and the changes we can make. I hope you are too…enthusiasm is contagious so spread it everywhere you go. For now though; “The way to get get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Lets Do This!!!
~ Brett


No One is Useless

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“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens

So I ran across this quote today and what perfect timing! Not that I was feeling useless but it made me feel good to know that simple things that can help others get through rough times can make even the person who has nothing “material” to offer can help another in so many ways.

From that person who feels so down on themselves because they don’t have that “special someone” to get flowers from on Valentine’s Day or a mother (or father) who is crying because she feels like she is not doing the perfect thing at the perfect time…we can all make a difference with a few kind words, a pat on the back or some simple advice.

We can also help the elderly neighbor take the trash can to the side of the road, open the door for someone who either needs help or doesn’t. That simple, yet kind gesture can, and just may, make all the difference in the world to another person. Likewise, doing these acts can make us feel good and help us make it through a tough day or week knowing that we helped someone.
Lifting up another person helps them, and in turn, helps us so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum recently and feel great. We all deserve to feel great and have the ability to do so whenever we make the choice!

~ Brett


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