“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis B. Smedes

Indeed, the prisoner of actions that have not been forgiven may just be yourself. This is a thought that has been weighing heavily on my mind lately for various reasons. I have always read and been told that in order to forgive others, you must first forgive yourself.

For the most part, actions that we have a hard time forgiving ourselves for are seemingly small in the larger scheme of life yet they seem to haunt us on a daily basis. Now is the time, for me at least, to let these demons go and know that I live my life today in a manner that helps me go to sleep soundly and awake serenely.

Now that I can forgive myself for these past, yes past being the key word here, events I can forgive others for what may seem to be wrong doings or mistakes in my eyes. Everyone deserves and is entitled to forgiveness (to an extent) and I personally have to keep that in mind. Me holding grudges or being upset with others doesn’t affect the other person, it affects me…and not in a positive manner. And I would rather live in the present positive moment rather than any possible negativity that might be transpiring in others around me.

I’m going to forgive myself for any absurdities that may have transpired in my life and move forward with drive and motivation to be the best me possible!

I challenge you to do the same!
~ Brett