A random thought…it’s amazing!

It’s amazing how we hear so many sayings, phrases, quotes, etc…and think to ourselves; “Sounds good, but yeah right, like that’s how life really is!” The truth is that maybe, just maybe, those words of inspiration and hope we hear so often or see on posters really are true!

I propose that they are. Not only do I propose that thought but I know it!

The one that got me going today was the truth that, sure enough, just when you stop looking and trying to find that perfect thing, person, or bit of hope it falls right in your lap! One minute you might feel helpless and that nothing is good is coming your way but it is…oh trust me, trust yourself, just trust and have faith that it is.

If it isn’t right now, soon your cup will be overflowing with happiness, goodness, joy, and an overwhelming sense of peace. It’s inevitable!

Today I feel my cup spilling over and there is more than enough to fill your cup as well. I don’t know what it is and to be quite honest I’m not worried about questioning it…I’m just letting today be. Maybe tomorrow will be different but what good is it going to do me to speculate? None…so I won’t!

Have a bountiful and fulfilling day!