“Be gentle with yourself first if you wish to be gentle with others.” – Lama Yeshe

It’s easy to be rough on yourself, I know I am…I always think I can be doing more, and I likely can, but I TRY not to fret because I firmly believe I have plenty of time left to make the things I want to happen, happen. The thing is, and I’ve been told this time and time again, is that time takes time! I know it sounds a little cliche or whatever you want to call it but it’s the truth, not all things happen over night!

I know there is a plan out there for each of us and that it will fall into place one way or another. Granted, we each have to do our part to allow these plans to manifest but they will if we continue to move forward and follow our hearts.

I know this because I spent many years battling inner demons and past “wrongs.” Was always depressed and often let it get the best of me. Finally, I learned to embrace who I was now and let go of what I was “then.” Listening to others, reading and doing my best to engage in healthy activities that set my mind at ease eventually led me to a career of service to others.

I am now able to treat myself with care and do the same for others to the best of my ability. It is possible to be there for others and not yourself but it’s certainly not pleasant.

Treat yourself and others with love and compassion. You’ll totally dig it!
~ Brett