“Man should not consider his material possession his own, but as common to all, so as to share them without hesitation when others are in need.” – Thomas Aquinas

While this quote focuses on material possessions, I think the same holds true with the “possession of knowledge” or lessons learned.  To that end, through my own trials and tribulations I have found that internal hardships, battles within one’s self, can be devastating.  In my case they have lead me to darker places than I would ever wish on my own enemy.  The great news is that they didn’t last!

Finding solace and peace in a healthy manner brought me from the depths of my own low thoughts and actions.  Sure, it took a while to find exactly what motivated me to rise up and move forward with a positive attitude (or like my 4th Grade teacher always said a “P.M.A.”; Positive Mental Attitude) but when I found what worked for me every aspect of my life changed.  I found running to be a great release of negative thoughts and an awesome energizer all-round, quotations to be inspiring, drawing to be a great hobby I could take anywhere, etc… Finally, I found that finding a way to help others helped me also. 

As a disabled Veteran, finding and ultimately managing a non-profit Veteran organization has been the best reward in my life.  Serving at least one person a day makes waking up and coming to work exciting for me.  Though there are some rough days, and I still have to manage my own private affairs, I know I will be able to sleep soundly and wake up the next morning looking at myself in the mirror without any regrets.

Life has and will always be a challenge.  But that’s just life…if it were too simple everything would eventually get boring.  Each of us has the capability to take on a challenge and complete it successfully, and if the first attempt at conquering an immediate challenge doesn’t work, that’s when we go back and try again using the lessons we learned from the first attempt!

Accept the challenge…and conquer it! And like I always say; “If you can’t go it alone, just ask a true friend for help! They won’t let you down!”

I wish each of you a challenging but rewarding day!

~ Brett