What’s Your Path?

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“Don’t go where the path may lead; Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – R. W. Emerson

At the ripe age of 26 (give or take a decade 😉 this is something I think about often just not in words that may not be so eloquent.

It seems to me that many embark on multiple endeavors with great intentions and perhaps hopes of grandeur but fail to put much forward thought into their noble efforts. Where will it lead? What is the ultimate end-state? Is there an end-state? What do you want to be known for? What do you want to leave behind when you’re long gone?

I am the first to admit that there is a lot to be said for taking a step forward without spending a lifetime thinking about what may or may not transpire. If you wait and think too long you might not end up doing anything at all and that’s no way to live.

That being said I struggle internally with the right time to make the leap in a direction that I know I have been called by a higher power to go. I know it seems counter intuitive to many as if I know I have been called to achieve a mission you may wonder why I don’t…I have that same question sometimes.

The answer is that I calculate and analyze just about everything. I want to ensure that when I take on a great challenge that it will leave the ultimate impression which I intended. It’s gotta be done right and at the right time. The last thing I want to lose is credibility from those whom have put their faith in me.

I want to make a difference and I fully intend on doing so. In doing that I will give my full effort to one dream and make my family, friends, loved ones, heroes, but most of all myself proud! I will engage in my calculated dreams full force and not step on anyone along the way. I will maintain the ethical code which I have been thought since birth and carried with me throughout my career.

The dreams I aspire to accomplish will come true with work, honesty, integrity and everything that goes along with that. Sure, some things can happen by taking other routes but that’s not me; That’s not what I’m about!

I will leave a trail that others can trod if they choose do so…though I hope they don’t! Everyone has their own dreams and goals that probably aren’t exactly aligned with mine and I think that’s great. I want everyone to go where they are compelled, do what they dream and hopefully leave a positive impression on this great world.

A little longer post than I normally throw out there but the quote above was just that compelling to me…and so here ya go!

– Later





When Enough is Enough!!!

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“When it’s time for me to walk away from something, I walk away from it. My mind, my body, my conscience tell me that enough is enough.” – Jerry West

Knowing when to walk away from something is vitally important to anyone’s personal welfare, and sometimes the welfare of the people with who they work, collaborate, team with or even with whom they dream.

Walking away might include walking away from a job, a person, a family, a situation, an organization that may have intentions not aligned with yours, etc…but sometime you just have to do it.  It might not be easy and you might endure some internal turmoil from making the decision but my thought is that if you honestly feel that something isn’t good for you in general than there is no compromise, you just have to do it.  In saying that, it’s also important to ensure that you do as little damage to others’ hopes and motivations along the way because they might not have the same thoughts as you, but that’s okay.

You have to do what is best for you.  If you’re not happy and improving yourself when you can then no one can change that but you.  If I am doing something day in and day out or surrounding myself with bad “vibes” on a consistent basis I’m clearly responsible for letting that happen, no one else..

Sometime decisions that seem so right are often very hard to follow through with.  I have been guilty of putting myself in uncomfortable circumstances for the sake of not wanting to let others down but have ultimately let myself down in the process.  I try not to do that these days and feel good about it.

When I choose to walk away from something I know it’s right because I can feel it in my mind, body and soul.  Not only that but I can sleep well at night and look at myself proudly in the morning!

Have a great day and BE STRONG!


Dreaming…the Free Gift!

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“You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.” – C. S. Lewis

Nope, you’re never too old to do just about anything. Even as I approach what is seemingly the young age of 36, I have have many times had reservations of beginning something new. Perhaps out of fear of failure or not knowing what it will be like to move out of my current “comfort zone.”

Recent news regarding potential changes in my own professional career have me doing a lot of thinking, wondering, guessing, and even worse, worrying about what might transpire regarding my future. When I sat back and continued to worry I remembered the advice I had always given to others but failed to incorporate into my own life…worrying is not going to change the end result, action is what is going to, and will, change things. I have wealth in ability, gifts, talents, loved ones, family and friends that will always have my back and ensure that I will never stray from the path to success. My belief is that WE ALL have these gifts and have to remember this truth at all times, especially when we think times are in turmoil or have the potential to get rough.

Keep faith in yourself and in those around you and know that you will not ever fail to accomplish your goal or dream as long as you believe and take personal responsibility and action in your life. Never sell yourself short or discount the greatness and untapped potential that lays within you.

Today, and everyday, I have faith that we are all destined to create greatness in ourselves and in the lives of others! We’re not too old!



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