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“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne

It’s that the truth! Lean over to pick up 25 pounds and you just might hurt your back to a great degree. If you squat, grab that same load, and stand straight you then you’ll likely end up with no problems at all. Funny how that all works!

The bottom line is that it’s not necessarily the task at hand that can wear you out either physically or mentally, but how you choose to either handle or in some cases, not handle it!

We all have burdens, trials, tasks, and otherwise that we are either responsible for on a daily basis or that may pop up out of the blue and strike us from the blind side. Often times we take these battles full on or without asking for help and overwhelm ourselves to the extent that we feel lost or even helpless. We sometimes tend to carry with us unnecessary weight that we just don’t need or can handle alone.

Why not stop, see what’s wearing on us or beating us down, think of alternate means of addressing the issue at hand, ask for help when we need it and break adversities down into small, more manageable tasks or “chunks”…smaller more “light” loads seems to be a great way to carry the “bigger” heavier and potentially damaging load or burden you may be facing.

For example, maybe you’re practicing or preparing for a 10 mile run. In the past the furthest you’ve run without stopping may have been 5 miles. So, rather than go straight from 5 to 10 miles (which you would likely not be able to accomplish with ease) you decide to start early and build your stamina 1.5 miles at a time. You run 5 miles for a while…kick it up a notch to 6.5 miles for a couple runs, then 8…then 9.5 or even 10 and keep on going.

You get the point. Don’t be overwhelmed by looking at a single task without seeing how you can break it down into more small, manageable tasks that won’t be such of a trial. I have found that in trying to manage one large task that I might fail in the accomplishment of that mission, at least the first time, and though I like to get back up and try again it was a little disheartening to fail the first time.

Over time I have become unashamed to ask for help of take small steps to get a job done…sort of the “crawl, walk, run” theme we so often hear about and it seems to work out great!

Give it a shot! Just a thought!



Truth Be With You!

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“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.” – Henry David Thoreau

What a great way to live and be able to look at yourself in the mirror each day knowing that you have nothing to hide, be ashamed of or lie about throughout your daily encounters or endeavors. The quote above seems so simple yet there are so many that find being true along these lines a struggle.  My thought is that if you can simply abide by the “law” of truth, especially to yourself, you can rest easily knowing that you are on the right path.

Being true to your work is difficult to a degree in that many people are out to find financial gain rather than doing work they truly believe in or feel drawn to doing.  Often times, finding that great paying job is done so at the expense of another.  Honing in on that young Soldier outside a military base with pay-day loans so they can come in and get money to pay their bills without fully understanding that they are going to be charged 45% interest on whatever they are given.  I, for one, couldn’t feel good about that regardless of how much money the job, or lie, is putting in my pocket. The great thing is no one has to do that…it’s a choice! You can choose do something you love and you can make a living by following your passion.  It might not be easy, but it can be done and we can all make it happen.  As I like to say, “You can take others along for the ride with you!” And that can make all the difference in the world.

Additionally, your word is your bond.  Once you compromise that, it’s very hard to regain faith and confidence in those deceived. I learned this at a young age, as most of us do, through little untruths to my parents…nothing devastating but it just showed me that once I told them something that wasn’t the COMPLETE truth, it was just as bad as not telling the truth at all.  Being true to your word is almost, if not, the most important thing I can do in life. I can’t work, have relationships, be trusted, or even left alone to accomplish a small task if people don’t have faith that I am going to do what I say I will.  I admit that I have inadvertently slipped here and there by perhaps missing a meeting or something along those lines but it was definitely not with mal intent and I was honest about my reason…if I over slept, I said so, if I forgot, I said so, etc….It’s not always what people wanted to hear but it was the truth and though it may have been uncomfortable to come clean, I knew I had to so that’s exactly what I did!

Friends…I make sure I choose my friends wisely and if their values aren’t aligned with mine that doesn’t mean we can’t talk, it just means they might not be the best choice for me to spend too much time with of put too much into what they have to say.  “Friend” is a term used very loosely…I have my Facebook friends whom I may or may not have ever been very close with but like(d) and am interested in seeing what is going on with them from time to time and then I have the other extreme where I can count on them to drop whatever it is they are doing and come to help out if I just say the word, and the same goes for them.  Friends are a gift, a true gift, and should always be treated as such.

I know this is a bit lengthy but I ran across this quote today (as I’m a quote guy in case you can’t tell) and it really spoke to me.  You may have a different outlook on the words of Henry D. Thoreau which is great.  My hope is that that you got as much out of this short sentence as I did and that you have a blessed day!

Be True!

~ Brett



Delving into the Unknown

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“If you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t.” – Chuck Palahniuk

What do you want? That’s the question that resonates in my mind when I read the quotation I ran across above. The answer for me was simple…I want to be happy serving Veterans (as I am a Veteran) and make their transition from the regimented Military life to the civilian workforce less difficult for them than it was for me. At the same time I want do so in a manner that will allow me to support myself and that’s quite a challenge especially in the non-profit arena where I currently Serve.

So while the answer to the question that arose seemed rather simple, the method or approach to my desires is not quite as easy. I love my current work and will not leave unless asked to do so by my employer but think I can do even more, perhaps on the side, in an entrepreneurial status.

Yes, I have unique ideas that would be ridiculous to divulge in a public venue such as this but that will require extra time, perhaps a bit of my own finances to get started but of probably even more importance, time away or “removed” (at least mentally) from my family. So, that’s clearly a lot to weigh out and there is no set scale to do so.

I think each individual has to place a level of importance on each aspect of their own lives before making a plunge and “Delving into the Unknown” because, lets face it making major changes and embarking on a new venture is definitely diving into unknown waters!

Sometimes you need to take risks to accomplish and get what you want, otherwise you might, just might, “end up with a whole lot of what you don’t!”

Until next time…PEACE!


Bringing Free Help

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Ok, so Operation Welcome Home is up and running in Morgantown, WV. The program offers a number of services to include free counsel, guidance, referrals, points of contact and what most younger Veterans are looking for…employment!

No questions asked up front except the usual background check, etc…and a little way down the road, proof of service in any of our Armed Forces. Of course we have our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/welcomehomewv and a website at www.veteransoncall.com where Veterans can find out all about our services and local community members can request services (usually yard-work though more is offered) to support their Morgantown Veterans. So, why is it that many Veterans don’t want this employment even on a transitional basis as they wait for or search for their dream job or schooling?

I have a strange feeling that there is a lack of counseling regarding financial management before these young men and women leave the service. Military compensation is great, and the money earned while deployed is good and well-deserved but it doesn’t last forever.

Money runs out and bills accumulate. Families need to be able to eat and can’t count on subsistence allowance or housing allowance when the service member leaves the Armed Forces.

I guess I’m just writing to encourage Veterans to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves…you can always move on to bigger and better things as they arise.

I want the best for you, you deserve it! It takes work on both ends though…if you’re sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring with someone on the other end offering you the job of a lifetime it’s likely not going to happen. It could, but probably won’t. Let those who are try to help you do just that!


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